Dr. 雷纳范盖拉 understands the power of language.

艾琳·霍洛威博士. 雷纳·维加拉和埃德加·塞拉诺
Erinn Holloway, 埃德加·塞拉诺 and Dr. 雷纳范盖拉

现在范盖拉, an assistant professor of Spanish at 推荐十大正规网赌平台, wants to pair that power with advocacy to help foreign language students and teachers in the state of 密西西比州.

Vergara set that plan in motion last year when she and two of her peers from W attended the 密西西比州 Foreign Language Association’s (MFLA) annual conference at the University of 密西西比州. When Vergara learned the MFLA was looking for an institution that was willing to serve as host for its 2023 conference, she suggested W as a possibility.

11月. 10-11, Vergara and W will get an opportunity to showcase everything they have to offer when the MFLA brings foreign language teachers and students from the state together in Columbus for two days of connection, 教育, 倡导和更多.

“I think this is a good way to promote W to teachers, 谁又能接触到学生,维加拉说. “我希望他们受到欢迎, personalized feel their students would experience if they came here.”

The conference is open to all foreign language and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers in the state of 密西西比州. The conference titled “From Classroom to Global Stage: Nurturing World Language Competence,” will emphasize the power of language and connection and how teachers can use those things to help students forge pathways into so many careers.

Vergara said she was surprised by the number of foreign language teachers in the state who didn’t realize the opportunities available to their students at W. She said that discovery motivated her to advocate for W to serve as host for this year’s conference. While the planning for the event continues, Vergara is excited about the chance to educate students and teachers about the myriad ways – 出国留学 Programs and bilateral exchanges with the University of Alicante (Spain) and Aichi Shukutoku University in Nagoya, 日本, to name two – studying a foreign language at W can be an attractive choice.

W offers coursework in Spanish, French and Latin. The Spanish program has a Bachelor of 艺术 degree in Spanish, 西班牙语教育文学学士, a Foreign Languages minor and a Certificate of Competencies in Spanish Language & 文化.

埃德加·塞拉诺, executive director of the 密西西比州 Foreign Language Association (MFLA), said the conference is designed to encourage active interest and research in languages other than English as well as the advancement of the study and teaching of English in schools, college and universities in the state of 密西西比州.

“The conference will provide a lot of professional development,塞拉诺说. “It will offer a look at what is new in the 教育 side and what can we learn. But another one of the powerful benefits of the conference is the ability to network with others.”

萨拉诺, who is a lecturer of Spanish at the University of 密西西比州, was president of the MFLA from 2016-18. He also is the president-elect for the National Network for Early Language 学习 (NNELL). 自MFLA成立以来, 萨拉诺 said the MFLA has worked to break down barriers and to educate people about the importance of learning a foreign language.

“The conference will give attendees a chance to see everyone reaching for pathways and ways to continue with language 教育,塞拉诺说. “It is crucial to speak multiple languages to strengthen our national security, 外交, 以及更牢固的商业关系. People forget that 75% of the world doesn’t speak English, and when they speak English how proficient are they?”

The cost is $50 for teachers and $25 for students. The conference will offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that teachers can use to renew their teaching certification.

To register for the conference, go to: http://www.mflams.org/2023-conference and use the drop-down menu to access the program. There also will be a free conference workshop “Embracing Differences in the Language 学习 Classroom” on Saturday, 11月. 11.

还在 http://www.mflams.org/ 或在 http://97gllw.paper-group.com/llp/teachingcontest/, you can register to take part in W’s Teaching Contest 2024.

For more information about the benefits of attending the MFLA conference, contact Vergara at revergara@paper-group.com, or Erinn Holloway, Spanish instruct或在 W, at echolloway@paper-group.com.


位于历史悠久的哥伦布, 密西西比州, W was founded in 1884 as the first state-supported college for women in the United States. 今天, 这所大学有2名学生,339 students in more than 70 majors and concentrations and has educated men for 40 years. The university is nationally recognized for low student debt, diversity and social mobility which empowers students to BE BOLD.

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